How to Listen Ham Radio Over Internet?

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Ham Radio Over Internet

Ham Radio is a communication service that lets people communicate around the world.

Ham radio allows people to listen anywhere, anytime, without a network or internet. However, you can listen to ham radio over internet as well.

So how can you listen to ham radio over the internet? Well, you can listen to ham over the internet through web servers.

There are more than 400 websites where you can listen to ham radio online. In this article, I will tell you the different ways of listening to ham radio on the internet. Let’s begin.

Ham Radio Over Internet

The Internet has made people’s lives easier. As a result, people are leaning towards the internet day by day. Everything from information to music, movies, television, and books are now available on the Internet.

Ham radio is no exception. Nowadays, you can easily listen to ham radio on the internet. So you know you can listen to ham radio on the internet. But the question is how? Let’s Find out.

How Can You Listen To Ham Radio Over The Internet?

There are numerous web services and devices that offer users to listen to ham radio over the Internet. Here are a few:

  1. WebSDR: WebSDR lets you listen and tune a ham radio at the same time. It is a software server for radio that is connected with Internet. Using WebSDR, you can listen and tune different signals of ham radio independently.

    If your phone has a browser that supports HTML5 WebAudio, you can listen via WebSDR over the Internet with your smartphone or tablet. There are currently 176 active servers in the North American region on WebSDR.

  2. Streaming Ham audio: Some ham radio operators stream audio from their radios using software such as Zello, TeamSpeak, or other VoIP programs. This allows you to hear the audio from their radios in real-time over the internet.
  3. OpenWebRX: You can smoothly listen to ham radio through openWebRx. It is a Linux-based software. OpenWebRX provides access to the HF spectrum at your location. But you need a computer and network access to use OpenWebRX.

    You can also listen to other radio stations on HF via OpenWebRX. You may have to wait to listen on this site because it is often filled with listeners.

  4. Remote control of a Ham: Some ham radio operators allow remote control of their radio equipment via the internet, allowing you to tune in to different frequencies and modes. Services like RemoteHams and RemoteRig allow you to control a remote radio over the internet.
  5. EchoLink: EchoLink is a great way to improve the online communication of Ham Radio. Using EchoLink, you can easily connect to other ham radio stations over the internet. However, you must need a license to do this.
  6. SDR (Software Defined Radio) software: There are many SDR software packages available that allow you to listen to ham radio transmissions using your computer’s sound card. Some popular SDR software packages include SDR#, HDSDR, and SDR-Console.

    These software packages allow you to tune in to different frequencies and demodulate the signals, allowing you to listen to the audio.

There are also other servers such as AllStar, and IRLP that connect to Hams through the Internet. The servers given above may permit you to operate both single and dual band ham radio over internet.

Repeaters are usually used to listen to ham radio. Also, many more components such as Ham radio transceivers, ham stick antennas, etc. are needed. But now with the help of the internet, you can listen to ham radio without any of these.

How Do You Connect To The Internet With A Ham Radio?

Ham radios are mostly used in emergencies when all other communications services are down. You cannot connect Ham Radio directly to the internet as it has no option of WiFi or Ethernet connection, However, you may connect your ham to the internet via a USB port cable and a computer.


Using ham on the internet is more fun than usual. If you haven’t tried yet, go to the webserver mentioned above and try it yourself. So do you have any more confusion about how you can listen to ham radio over the internet? I hope the answer is no.

It’s worth noting that some of these methods may require additional software or equipment, and some may require a high-speed internet connection.

Additionally, it’s important to check your local laws and regulations, as some countries may have different rules for listening to ham radio transmissions over the internet.

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