About AmateurRadioGuide

About AmateurRadioGuideOur role, in one sentence, is to make it easy for you to learn about the amateur (HAM) radio communication system and introduce different related accessories to achieve the best ham experiences. Whether you need to know about HAM license, q codes, frequencies, contest, bands, antennas or nets, we got you sorted!

You also able to study about different types of amateur radios (eg- handheld, mobile, base stations etc.) and specialties, features, usability for each type amateur radio. This information can very helpful for beginners to start the HAM radio journey.

According our real experience, we have provided very important suggestions regarding amateur radio’s battery, power supply, tower, headphone, microphone, and more accessories to help you to use hassle-free HAM radio communication system.

Our Mission & Vision

To make it much easier to use HAM radio with best performance, specially we want to help beginners by providing authentic information and sharing our personal experience on amateur radio world.

Our vision is to make this website as one of the leading and most trustworthy data sources about the amateur radio communication system worldwide! Anyone can get help from here on any kind of ham radio issues.

Who We Are

You know that, “Unity is strength!” We believe in sharing experience and checking facts together can gather the most reliable data. Our authors are highly experienced on radio communication and we are going to make this “AmateurRadioGuide.com” website as one of the greatest data-source on HAM radios.

We have opportunity for you too! If you are a HAM user and want to share your experience to our readers, you are welcome to join as a member of our team and start writing. Contact us to get directions.

1. Andy Klugman

Communicate through amateur radios can be confusing to most beginners! That’s why Andy on our author team. Andy is highly experienced on HAM and other radio communication devices.

For his depth knowledge in the field of communication engineering and radio frequencies, he became the chief content editor in our team. He also checks facts for other content as well. He is the guy to help you if you get stuck on any issue regarding HAM communication system or use it.

2. Rick Brandt

Here’s Rick, the guy who keeps updating all our post content time to time and he is very much dedicated to learn new topics on the radio technologies and share the knowledge to our readers. He has 5+ years of experience on amateur radio’s operations and he started writing here to help others.

Rick has full responsibility to research and find out the helpful topics and write for our audiences. He also helps Andy daily to check facts and ensure that the published content is authentic and up-to-date.

Besides, when anyone leave us a question or comment, Rick always tries to response as early as possible with answers. responsibility to ensure that you get feedback as soon as possible.

Get in Touch

Would you like to seek suggestion from our team members? Do you need any specific information regarding HAM radios? Don’t hesitated to contact us or you can communicate directly to our authors through email:

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